Our Story


A picture of our book office.


It all started with a Christmas gift.

In the winter of 2006, Reagan received an 1880 copy of Charles Spurgeon’s autobiography, and was immediately inspired to find and restore antiquarian books for others to enjoy. His personal library began as a small collection of antique theological works, but quickly expanded to include rare books on subjects such as American history and classic literature.

An antique book is an art form in its own right, telling a much greater story than the mere words within its pages. Each binding is unique, and limited editions often come with one-of-a-kind illustrated plates. And over the centuries, antique books gain a story of their own, passing through world-famous private libraries and collections that give each work an inestimable value.

Here at Reagan’s Rare Books, our mission is to connect you with one-of-a-kind books and documents that inspire you, enrich your collection, and help you make your own mark on history.